A Lemon a Day…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved lemons! I love the smell, the taste, the color and just everything about them. Up until recently I had only really used them in recipes. About a month ago I started investigating all of the uses for lemons and was amazed! Beyond the household uses such as deodorizing, cleaning, etc. they can be used on your skin, hair, nails and of course you can eat them many different ways. I’m not so much interested in how they are used around the house. If you want more IMG_6146information about that, this isn’t necessarily the place. Just google ‘uses for lemons’ and a billion sites will pop up. Here I want to address the beauty and health benefits.. as this is a health and beauty blog!

Natural Skin Exfoliator

The acid in lemons works wonders as a skin lightener and exfoliator. I’ve had dark spots pop up on my face from being in the sun and used lemons to erase them. If you find yourself perturbed about dark spots, or just want to try some cheap DIY exfoliation, grab a lemon and some sugar. Cut your lemon in half and remove seeds that are peeking out. Then sprinkle some sugar over the face of the lemon (just enough to make a sheer layer). From here, all you need to do is rub the sugary lemon over your face, concentrating on the troublesome areas. I do this in a circular motion before I take a shower so I can make sure to get all the sticky-ness off. The sugar particles work a physical exfoliator while the lemon’s acid works it’s wonders a chemical exfoliator! You obviously want to to do this on clean skin and start off gentle! This completely got rid of my dark spots in a matter of about a month when I did this 3 or so times a week. Much cheaper than those store-bought alternatives!

Improve Digestive and Immune Health

Using lemon in water is something I try to do every day. Its’ high Vitamin C keeps your immunity up and also helps to detoxify your body of all the junk you (and I)  put it in during the day. I love lemonade in general; it’s one of my favorite drinks, in fact. But lemon water cuts the sugar and helps me drink more water than I would normally. The taste of water doesn’t really tickle my fancy but adding a lemon to my drink helps me to triple or quadruple the amount of water I drink throughout the day! It’s also extremely refreshing. Lemon water helps push your digestion along and helps produce bile to break down your meal, keeping your insides moving swiftly!

Hair and Nails

The bleaching chemical as described in the exfoliator can also be used on hair and nails! I haven’t yet needed to bleach my nails but recipes call for about a half cup of water and the juice of 1 lemon. Soak your nails for 10-15 minutes a few times a week until you get the desired result! Sounds pretty easy to me! Although I haven’t tried lemon on my nails, I have used it to lighten my hair. It’s extremely gradual but does work. I mix the same amount as with the nail bleaching and spray it in my hair where I want it before sun exposure. This is great to do before you go to the beach or park or wherever you plan to be for a few hours outside. This needs to be washed out though! Very important! It’s not good for this to sit it your strands for long periods of time so it’s best to wash it out when you come in from being outside. You’re not going to see any kind of drastic result with this but it does give subtle highlights when used repeatedly.

These are just a few of the many many things you can do with lemons and these are the ones I use most often. I always buy lemons in a bag of 10 or so from Fred Meyer to have at all times. The bag runs just under 2 bucks and lasts more than a week for whatever I decide to use them for! Try some of these out and let me know what worked for you!

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